Thursday, 2 June 2016

Canterbury in Eight Dates

Our tour guide, Andreas, from Canterbury Guided Tours was really brilliant. he was funny, knowledgeable and helpful. Our tour was an "interactive tour." But what was also really good was that he didn't just want use to learn a bunch of facts then forget about dear Canterbury, he wanted us to try and remember some key points.

So these are Andreas' Eight key dates in the history of Canterbury: 
  1.  43 AD – Britain conquered by the Romans.
  2. 410 – Romans left and returned to Italy.
  3. 597 – Augustine came to Canterbury from Rome to establish Christianity.
  4. 1066 – Norman invasion of Britain.
  5. 1170 – On 29th December, Archbishop Thomas Becket was murdered in Canterbury Cathedral.
  6. 1538 – King Henry VIII changed the religion of Britain. The dissolution of Catholic faith and reformation of Christian Church.
  7. 1830 – The world’s first passenger railway journey took place, from Canterbury to Whitstable.   
I can’t remember the specific 8th date that Andreas told us (I’ve got a few) so I’m just going to add:
  1. 1543 - Christopher Marlowe was born. The same year as one William Shakespeare
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