Friday, 20 May 2016

A Day Out in London: Greenwich and Canary Wharf, May 2016 – Overview.

My Mum had heard a lot about Canary Wharf and wanted to go and visit. I did tell her there is nothing to see there: it is the business district of London. However, there is currently an exhibition about Muhammad Ali at the O2 Arena (until August), which I wanted to see, so, decided to have a day out. This is the official website for the exhibition

Firstly, I want to get one thing off my chest. Why is “The O2”, formally known as the Millennium Dome, called “The O2”? I know it is probably because O2 sponsors the Dome. But why can’t it be called “The O2 Dome”? The problem is that in Northwest London, there is a centre on Finchley Road, Swiss Cottage, called “The O2”. It was built (and therefore named) before the Millennium Dome. So whenever anyone says “The O2” we, north Londoners, automatically think of the one in Swiss Cottage. 

Usually, places keep their names with the addition of their sponsor’s name. So, British Airways London Eye, Emirates Air Line (the zip wire across the Thames), The Kia Oval, The Barclays Premiership, even that bastion of sport Headingly is now Headingly Carnegie. So, couldn’t it be “The O2 Millennium Dome” or “The O2 Dome”?

For clarification the one in Swiss Cottage is: The O2 Centre
The former Millennium Dome, in Greenwich is: The O2 Arena

Anyway, back to our day out. To summarise:
  • First we went to Greenwich to the Dome. From Northwest London it literally took 1 hour to get to there. I was very impressed.
  • Then we took the DLR to Canary Wharf.  
  • Went to see the Crossrail Garden Bridge.
  • Then to the Docklands Museum of London.
I will write about each location in more detail in due course, Insha'Allah.

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