Thursday, 28 April 2016

Exploration: Canterbury, Kent, UK – April 2015

An Overview

My most recent trip was to Canterbury. I went for 3 days in April with my mum. It was really lovely. I really liked it. Canterbury is a very lovely, pretty town. We stayed in the House of Agnes in the old city. Everything was within walking distance. It is enriched with history: I felt like I was having a 3 day history lesson!

 -          Day 1: Went by train. Charing Cross to Canterbury West.Tooka bout 2 hours.
-          Stayed at the House of Agnes. (Highly recommended. More later.)
-          Walking guided tour and Heritage Museum. 
-          Day 2: The Beany House, Glass shop, Canterbury Tales, Roman Museum, Canterbury Cathedral and Canterbury Mosque. Did some shopping
-          Day 3: River Tour, Free Mason Museum and Westgate Gardens, plus some shopping.
       Returned from Canterbury West to Victoria. 

Mainly used this website to plan my trip. In terms of the length of stay, three days was fine. If we had stayed one more day then it would have allowed us to space things out more and to browse the shops. Canterbury has some really nice, unique and interesting  shops. You will find artisan/boutique type shops as well as the usual high street suspects. If you have a car then can easily extend the stay without running out of things to do, for example, go to the other side of the city, explore outside the city wall or even make a trip to Leeds Castle or Howletts Wild Animal Park.

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